Nor Cal Rock Racing Series named KOH 2012 Qualifier

Nor Cal Rock Racing Series named KOH 2012 Qualifier

Aspiring Ultra4 teams looking for a way to qualify for the 2012 King of the Hammers should take a look at the Nor Cal Rock Racing Series. The Pro class champion from 2011’s 3-race series will receive a qualifying spot in next year’s King of the Hammers.  All races in the series will take place at the Prairie City SVRA in Rancho Cordova, CA throughout the summer.

For those unfamiliar with Nor Cal Rock Racing, the courses are a combination of rock piles, dirt obstacles and quick turns with the courses ranging this season between 2 and 4 miles in length. The racing format is a side-by-side double elimination race. The payout is $2,000 per race and several Ultra4 King of the Hammers veterans are known to race in the series. The Pro Class Series Champion will be required to race in all 3 races to qualify. These races are a great opportunity to race against some of the big names in Ultra4 and qualify for the 2012 King of the Hammers.

Nor Cal Rock Racing was founded by Ultra4 racer John Goodby and the races are known to be a fun event with lots of action. For more information on Nor Cal Rock Racing and the series, you can visit their web site at Please note: all qualified vehicles in the 2012 King of the Hammers must be able to pass the King of the Hammers tech inspection in order to compete in the race.


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