Spectator Info

Hammerking Productions would like to make sure you have a safe enjoyable time while attending one of our racing events. Please take a moment to check out information on attending. From Track side safety, to lodging, to campground information it can all be found here.

 King of the Hammers

Tickets: Tickets for King of The Hammers are $20 per person for the week and can be purchased 24 hours at the front gate starting at 12PM on 1/29 – 2/6. The main gate is located a mile down boone Rd. Before Hammertown.

Click here for a schedule of events for the week! 

Click here if you are a driver wanting to register for a race! 

Per the Bureau of Land Management, no drones are allowed to be flown throughout KOH week. 

Price for Spectators: The price to enter KOH is just $20 per person for the week!  Be sure to bring cash! Internet and Cell service are spotty. If you want to breeze through the front gate, the fastest way to do that is with cash. 

Hammertown, is the central meeting place during  King of The Hammers week.  It is located on Mean’s Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, CA. The address for most GPS Units is: Boone Rd Landers, CA 92285. You can also type “king of the hammers” into your google map and it will direct you there!

Please review the Spectator Rules especially if this will be your first time visiting and wheeling at King of The Hammers.

First time at King of the Hammers? First time visitors to the lake bed should take a look at this thread on visiting King of the Hammers.

Here is another good resource for first time visitors.

Not sure what to pack? Check here for some suggestions.

Spectating:  Hammertown promises to be bigger and better than ever in 2016. All racing action will begin and end in Hammertown. There will be two live jumbotrons. Vendors open during the day and one food vendor open 24 hours a day. There are port a potties in Hammertown.

Johnson Valley OHV area is open to everyone. The race course and within 150 feet of the race course is closed to the public on race days. The spectator areas are set up to give spectators a chance to see the race at a safe distance from the action. Many of these spectator areas are the same as in prior years where people have enjoyed watching the race. Th

Firewood will be available for sale outside of Gate 4. Prices are: $5 for what you can carry in  your arms and $200 for what you can put in your truck.

OHV Vehicles: All trail rigs, bikes, quads, UTVs need some form of permit. Street legal vehicles need proper plates and registration. California OHVs need a green sticker. Out of state motorized transportation will need to get an out of state green sticker. These will be for sale at the information booth in Hammertown. They can also be purchased in advance online by clicking here:  We will also have these stickers available at the front gate and information booth on site.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL individuals in UTVs/Side by Sides are required to wear helmets per California law.

Water and Dump Service: There will be a vendor on site in Hammertown where teams can go to schedule and pay for water and dump services throughout the week. We will not be offering pre-paid services like we did last year. Individuals will be able to deal directly with the Water/Dump provider on site.

Where does my spectator fee go?
$120000 – blm permit (based upon estimated number of spectators)
$30000 – port a potties
$18000 – medical personnel (based on number of spectators)
$17000 – jumbotron for spectators who don’t have vehicles to go to canyons
$20000 – security
$8000 – dust control caused by number of vehicles in Johnson Valley
$10000 fencing for spectator safety

Camping: Camping is free.  It is dry camping, but there will be water trucks and dump trucks roaming the area that will service your vehicles for a fee. Most of Mean’s Dry Lake Bed will be filled by Hammer Town. The race teams, vendors, and Hammerking HQ will all be on Mean’s Dry Lake. Johnson Valley is an open OHV area, so other than Hammer Town, Campers are able to camp essentially wherever they would like to as long as it’s not within 150′ of the race course. vehicles, camping, etc.

RV Rental: Corona Motor Home Rentals is the preferred RV rental of choice.

Hotel Accomomadations: The closest hotel location to King of The Hammers is Yucca Valley. We recommend the Best Western in Yucca Valley.

56525 Twentynine Palms Highway, Yucca Valley, CA 92284
(760) 365-3555

Local Grocery and Gas Stations:
The two closest towns to The Hammers are Lucerne Valley and Yucca Valley.
Yucca Valley has many major stores, including auto parts, Home Depot, Wal Mart, etc. Here is a link to stores in the Yucca Valley area.

Here is a list of items that can be found in Lucerne Valley.