2013 Nitto Tire Natnl Champ – AZ

2013 Nitto Tire National Championship:

2013 Nitto Tire National Championship

Thunder Rock Off Road Ranch

September 28th, 2013


48 teams have committed to race this weekend at the Nitto Tire National Championship at it’s new location. Stock and Mod teams will race at 8 AM and ULTRA4s will go off the line at noon. Below are all the details you need to know if you are planning on attending this weekend’s event.

The ranch is 8 miles down a dirt road. The road has been recently graded, but still requires you to go slow and take your time. Please be sure to download directions before leaving.

Schedule of Events:  Currie Enterprises is sponsoring a Driver’s Dinner on site for Drivers and Co-Drivers. Tickets for additional dinners will be available at $10 a piece from the on site food vendor.  We are also doing a pre-registration at the Arrowhead Bar & Grill on Thursday night. The bar and grill is located right before the turn off to the ranch and is a great last stop for food and drink for those heading to the ranch Thursday night.

Download a schedule of events here:

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Early Registration at Arrowhead Bar & Grill just before the turn off to the ranch. Address: 25575 South Highway 89, Congress, AZ. 85332

Friday, September 27th 2013

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Registration and Pre-running on site open to drivers

7:00PM – Non-Mandatory Driver’s meeting for those already on site

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

7:30 AM – Stock/Mod Cars line up – last minute driver updates

8:00 AM – Stock/Mod race begins

11:00 AM – 4400s cars line up – last minute driver updates

12:00PM – ULTRA4 race begins. Stock/Mod Race ends

6:00 PM – ULTRA4 Race ends – Awards Ceremony to follow

6:30 PM   Currie Enterprises Driver’s Dinner – on site – Italian Dinner. Currie is sponsoring a dinner for all drivers and co-drivers, additional meal tickets are available at $10 each from the on-site food vendor.

Cost: $15/day or $25/for the weekend for spectators. Camping is $10 a vehicle per night for spectators. Spectators should remember to bring chairs and shade as this is a remote location. We will be releasing a Satellite map of the area with directions to all the spectator locations.

Cost for teams is $20 for the weekend plus $5 for USAC pit band insurance.

Spectators should remember to bring chairs and shade as this is a remote location. We will be releasing a Satellite map of the area with directions to all the spectator locations

When teams arrive on site, look for the Haulmark Trailer. The hot pits (similar to Glen Helen with a bit more space) will be just past the Haulmark trailer on the left hand side. For those that need additional camping that will be in front of the Haulmark Trailer in the open field. Behind the trailer is race course! All registration on site will take place at the Haulmark Trailer as well.


List of Registered Drivers



Car #      Name    Champ Points

5              Shannon Campbell          2908

67           Loren Healy        2898

407         Wayland Campbell          2832

966         Jason Blanton    2810

4427       Jeff Russell         2772

4775       Jake Hallenbeck                2761

4420       Derek West        2749

26           Clay Gilstrap       2747

4435       Kevin Sacalas     2740

4421       Erik Miller            2646

4481       Alex Hardaway  2514

76           Jason Scherer    2484

4486       Marcos Gomez 2414

4483       JP Gomez            2131

524         Mark Danzo        1990

4466       Ivan Van Ortwick              1974

4459       Keith Xavier        1902

4441       Darren Henke    1832

4440       Travis Cook         1816

890         Jonathan Terhune           1533

4414       Jason Shipman  1418

554         Rick Mooneyham             1400

4493       Andrew McLaughlin        1329

74           Matthew Rager                1282

929         Mike Feagins     1075

775         Robert Daly        1062

602         Airen Patrick      843

53           Chris Hoyt           482

5252       Bill Baird               460

4468       John Webb         370

62           James Evans       328

4437       Dustin Sexton    231

4494       Chris Garrison    200

777         John Brock          100

75           Scott Foley          100

97           Jeremy Hammer              0

614         Jonathan Dawes               0

7779       Kenneth Goodall              0

19           Paul Horschel     0

44           Travis Leach        0



4502       Wayne Hartwig 2597

4509       Jeremy Eaton    928

4531       Shawn Rants      1540

4578       Paul Bickerton   1000




4643       Richard Gauthier              2825

4602       Kevin Adler         2631

4654       Bailey Cole          2448

4651       Mel Wade           755

4608       Matt Peterson